1. Intoxicated

From the recording Intoxicated


Rain bow x3

Say you remind me of Lulu
You sprinkle me juju
You use me for mumu
You chow me like fufu

Whine fi me girl, Whine fi me
Come gimme that big batty
Whine fi mi girl, whine fi me
Come show me that kush body

You remind me of Lulu
You do me like Dudu
Use me fi mumu
You chow me like chew chew

Whine fi me girl, Whine fi me
Come gimme some good something
Whine fi me girl, Whine fi me
Come gimme that good loving

See the way she move
See the way she move like wata bam bam
Bam bam bia, come and be my wata bam bam
She gimme hangover, big back like a land rover
And then she take over, still call me the Godfather
What did I do to deserve this, now you got me looking uncertain?
Why did you leave with the curtains, Got me singing begging I'm sorry
In my living room twerking, but you told me that you was a virgin
What did I do deserve this, pick up your phone I am calling

Im calling x3, early in the morning
She’s yawning, Im yawning
Im playing and tickling that punani
She’s on me, She’s horny
She begging me telling me that she want it
She’s on it, I'm on it
She wanting the papers and getting money .

Rain Bow x2
Cuffing season is here and im heading your way
Rain bows
Why do you wanna leave when you told me you’d stay
Rain bows
Im getting butterflies

Looking like Henny and sodas
Looking like Maserati
Remember you said to come over
Im looking like what do you mean
Hennessy on the sofa
Soda and popcorn with me
Baby you sweet I don told ya
Baby you special to me

Check check
As in check list
I be checking the booty squeezing the melanin
Body pushing and thugging we getting remedies
feel the grip on your thighs you feeling everything
I could have fucked up
I could have lost you
I couldn’t bear with all these tears
Now im on you

But she wanna bruk off fi mi
Bad gyal wanna bruk off fi me

Only in my zone ….yeah yeah
I'm just in my zone….. yeah yeah
Called her on the phone …..yeah yeah
Told her come home …..yeah yeah